Join us! We are looking for exceptional, curious and open-minded people for our core R&D team.

You will be working in an exciting, multidisciplinary environment on the development of APERIO Systems’ core technology. We are working in a unique intersection of physics, cybersecurity, machine learning, signal processing, and engineering

Senior Software Engineer

You will be part of our core engineering team, responsible for building all aspects of the product: from data acquisition, analysis and management all the the way up to alert integration into plant emergency systems.


  • Curiosity – programming must be your hobby too
  • Enthusiasm and Passion for learning new tech
  • Strong mathematical basis, linear algebra and numerical methods.
  • BSc in CS/equiv. from a leading university
  • Extensive python and c/c++ experience
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux development and environment
  • Wide system view, design patterns, experience in software architecture design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player with great collaboration skills

Brilliant Data Scientist & Algorithms Developer

You will be part of our algorithms group, responsible for designing, testing and implementing unique methods in signal processing, machine learning, dynamic system modeling etc. – both in-house and via academic collaboration.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Open-mindedness and creativity
  • MSc/PhD (or exceptional BSc) in CS/Math with very strong mathematical skills
  • Fluent in either MATLAB/R or Numerical Python Programming
  • Hands-on Experience in one or more of:
    • Machine Learning
    • Signal Processing
    • Statistical Modelling
    • Fast search algorithms & data structures