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APERIO Systems secures critical control systems with the last line
of defense against internal and external cyber threats and malicious actors.

Are your systems lying to you?

Recent incidents like these demonstrate the abilities of adversaries to penetrate systems controlling all areas of critical infrastructure, be they state-sponsored agents, cybercriminals, or hacktivists.


A persistent attacker can eventually breach critical SCADA systems. Increasingly sophisticated internal and external actors can hide malicious activity and deceive plant operators by manipulating the reported values of critical devices. Such ‘faking’ allows attackers to remain undetected while causing damage to both the system and the critical components it controls.

APERIO Systems provides industrial critical control systems with true state awareness.

By combining a unique understanding of the physics behind industrial processes, along with advanced machine learning algorithms, APERIO Systems immediately detects any artificial manipulations of process data, enabling operators to take relevant corrective action in real time and maintain operational normalcy.